The Sonogram Appointment

I set the sonogram appointment for my birthday, March 5th.

Arik and I walked into the sono room that was already set with mood lighting. Our 1st priority was to make sure the baby was healthy, but a close second was wanting to find out Baby Bradner's sex.

We, well I, lay there for like an hour while the sonographer did her thing. She measured the head, lungs, counted arms, legs, heart chambers, etc. BB#3 was stubborn! Getting a profile shot was difficult as was getting a money shot of the genital area.

I lay there thinking about how I felt once I found out that Aiden was a boy. There was a little disappointment, but it didn't last long. And then I thought back to the pregnancy app forums and all the moms that wrote about how bad a person you were if you felt any kind of disappointment when it came to the sex of your baby. They wrote how women should just be happy because there are some women out there that can't conceive or have miscarried. Shame on me for feeling what I was feeling. Apparently, I was a bad person then and I was on the verge of being a bad person again.

It's not that I wanted to belittle the experiences of women who struggle to get pregnant or carry a baby to term. That wasn't my intention at all. It seems as though "gender disappointment" is a HOT TOPIC in the pregnancy world. I just know that in my heart a little girl would have been nice. It wasn't a matter of if I'd be happy with another little boy, but when...

I just continue laying there, watching the sonographer move the "magic wand" all over my belly trying to get a shot of the genitals. The umbilical cord was between BB#3's legs. The sonographer kept at it, though. She had me lay on my left side, my right side, she shook the mess out of my stomach, which was still more gut that bump. AWKWARD!

Over and over we did that until she saw something she wanted to see. She said what she saw was a 90% chance "hamburger" and would bet her years as a sonographer on it.

I cried. Not a heaving shoulder, chest shaking cry. I just shed a few tears through my wobbly smile.

I was getting my girl.
Girl bits are clearly marked for me because in all my children,
I've never been able to read a sonogram picture!

Don't get me wrong, I love my boys. They are great. I just wanted to experience having a boy and a girl. I had visions of what they would be like and what they would enjoy. My vision of what my little girl will love is probably WAY off, but I have my vision.

Since, the sono chick couldn't get a good shot of her profile, we got to have another sonogram on April 5th. Still didn't get the shot that screamed 100%, girl, but I decided to claim it. So did everyone else once they found out we were having another baby...

I was all set to pick out a girl's name and get started on my Strawberry Shortcake room! Remember my love of all things Strawberry Shortcake? Click the link and refresh your memory...

Here are a few more of MaKenzie's first pictures:

Her profile

Her foot. It looks crazy long here, well, they are crazy long in real life!

A less fuzzy profile picture.

This baby business was all still a little surreal before the sono appointment, but kind of knowing the sex made things more real. We were having a baby. We were having a little girl. We were moving along.

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