What's My Baby Girl Style?

I asked some of my FB peeps to list some places they like to shop for little girl clothing and accessories. I am readjusting my eye to look at the girl section of stores. I'm looking at bows and tights and girly shoes and frilly outfits. I think this is the beginning of an addiction. I feel like when MaKenzie came home, I unwrapped a brand new cabbage patch doll to dress up and shower with hugs and kisses! We'll see what she has to say about it as she grows up, but here's my style for MaKenzie:

From Janie and Jack

From www.persnickityclothing.com

Janie and Jack

ZAZA couture

I bookmarked a ton of places to shop! My peeps also mentioned the staples such as: Crazy 8, Baby Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree, etsy,com, and zulily.com. You can google all of these spots.

I know I might need a side gig just to support my new habit. My booshie tastes are coming out full force... Don't tell Arik.

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