1st World Problems

How about I hate laundromats? I especially hate laundromats when I have a 5 year old, a newborn and really have no need to use a laundromat except to satisfy my need for instant gratification.

I took all our bedding to the laundromat Sunday night because I didn't want to wait for three-four loads to go through our washer and dryer one at a time. I wanted all the bedding to be washed and dryed and done in one shot.

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Why did I take my 5 year old? Because y 14 year old was giving me attitude before we had even driven there. It was gonna take too long, we brought our bedding in a trash bag and he didn't want to look ghetto, and finally he just simply said he didn't want to go. Talk about not being a team player. These days, he's not a very good team player and it's making me crazy!

Anyway, that's another story entirely. Back to the laundromat trip...

We get there and I look ridiculous trying to carry the baby, the detergent, fabric softener, and a huge yellow trash bag full of bedding. I really didn't think the whole trip through. Arik should have been the one at the laundromat or the baby should have been home with him.

The laundromat lady was very helpful, perhaps too helpful. Don't ever take your preemie to the community washer and dryer place. You look helpless and that makes people want to touch your baby. I CANNOT have just anyone touching Kenzie. We are adhering to the handwashing rule before touching the baby. Not to mention being current on your shots. I can't have my baby getting pertussis!

She was really trying to be helpful, but at one point I saw her holding Kenzie's pacifier! After that, I just carried her around with me. Trying to load and unload machines while holding a little hot box inside a sauna room! It was miserable!

Aiden's curls were in full effect and MaKenzie started getting some curls. We were there for about 2 hours waiting on our laundry.

I can tell you, we won't be going back anytime soon. Towards the end, I happen to look on the floor and what do I see? A COCKROACH! My eyes follow it to make sure it wasn't going to come my way and infect me. I watched it go to the cockroach nest! There were big ones, little ones, brown ones, mulitcolored ones! OMGee!

Thank goodness I washed and dried our bedding on the hottest setting on the machines and I shook everything out before I folded.

We hightailed it out of there as fast as I could carry everything!

These first world dilemmas are just too much for me to handle...

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