I Love Our Lovies

For the past week and a half, I have been totally distraught! The worst possible thing. Well, perhaps I over dramatize a bit... the 7th worst possible thing MAYBE happened.

I don't know about your kids, but my the claim to fame for my boys are corkscrew hair and their Lovies.

What's a Lovey, you ask? A Lovey is a piece of your heart that you have had since before you would remember. It's the one thing that you take to college even though people will laugh at you once they find out what it is and see how ratty it looks.

The Lovey of choice in our household was set by Andrew. His nursery theme was Noah's Ark and he had the cutest knit blanket. It was simple in design....oatmeal colored, cross stitching - okay I have NO clue about the stitching. I just made that up!  Oatmeal colored, with a small Noah's Ark logo located bottom, center of the blanket. It was long enough to cover my entire body. And it was great!

Andrew did does everything with that blanket. Sleepovers, morning cartoons, meals, vacations, you name it, it's done it. He still has it and uses it. It's barely hanging on by a thread. I can only wash it every couple months because it's unraveling so.

Aiden was given a blanket BEFORE he was born by Noel. It was a receiving blanket from Old Navy that was baby blue with green alligators on it. It covered my legs (not as long as Drew's, but still pretty long). This blanket went to Noel's house practically every single day she Mommy-substituted for me in 2008. Aiden was swaddled in that blanket until he was like 8 months or something! It was the perfect blanket for him.

Here's the dilemma. Last week, Aiden came home sick Monday morning. He had a temperature. He missed Tuesday as well. He was fine for the rest of the week. On Friday, I pick him up from preschool and I usually get his bedding bag to take home and wash his nap time blanket and sheet.

I did NOT get his bedding bag that day. On Monday, I asked about the bag and told his teacher that I brought it to school on Monday and I didn't get it back. She said she'd look for it. I normally wouldn't care...um, no, that's a lie. I would care regardless of whatever bedding it was. Remember the time some lady stole Aiden's bedding sheet and left me holding her craptacular, stain infused one? (click it, I'll wait...)

Well, I am really distraught because in his bedding bag was his alligator blanket and his jungle animals matress sheet. The ALLIGATOR BLANKET, peeps! I am so sad! The preschool peeps have not found it yet. I am really trying to refrain from telling them they are doing a crappy job and if they'd just let me look throughout the facilities, dust for fingerprints and go all CSI on the place, I'd find Aiden's Lovey in no time at all...I'm just saying.

I think I am equally attached to my boys' Lovies and my heart is hurting that Aiden's is lost somewhere or worse! It could be at someones house getting slobbered and peed on by some prebit that doesn't have a Lovey! What am I going to do!? I mean,what is Aiden going to do!? AIDEN needs his Lovey!

I am going look for a picture to add to this post when I get back from the Y. This is a matter of life and death! I'm on a mission to get my baby his Lovey back (or an exact replica...I've already started my Internet search to see if there's another one out there somewhere).

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