Mini Me 1 & 2

It really is scary sometimes how much my children are like me personality wise. Some days, I just have to sit back and be amazed. I enter for the jury's deliberation exhibits Andrew and Aiden...

Exhibit Andrew

This year Andrew spent a lot of time with me in the classroom because his school is, in all honesty, across the street from mine. He walked to me after school every day. Well, when school let out for the rest of the children, Andrew still had to go because he involuntarily had to help me pack up my classroom (slacker mom tidbit- I had kids so they could do my bidding...muahahahaha!).

We were getting ready to leave and a teacher asked me if I wanted some plastic or foam letters that she was just gonna throw out.

Now, if you have been following my blog, FB, or twitter account, you know that I am VERY selective about the things that I want to be in contact with at any given time. If it looks dirty, icky, gross, crusty...GET IT OUT OF MY SIGHT! And apparently, I have a "look" that precedes the words that come out of my mouth when I have something to say about the nastiness of an item.

So, my teacher friend asked me if I wanted these letters or whatever. I "looked" at these letters and out of my mouth came the sound, "ugh" and I felt my upper lip curl and my right eye do a little squint... I didn't wanna be completely blunt because the teacher that was offering is a pretty cleanly person, but the letters were classroom castoffs.

Before I even had the opportunity to say anything about my feelings regarding these letters, Andrew took the words right out of my mouth! He was standing next to me the whole time, listening.

So, teacher friend asked if I wanted the letters, I did my little Presley bit and Andrew replied, "she doesn't want those crusty letters..."

I about DIED laughing. That is something EXACTLY what I was going to say. That is the verbiage I use and everything! He had just that right amount of uppity in his voice. It was priceless.

Exhibit Aiden

Aiden had finished up his shower and was copping a squat on the couch watching some Johnny Bravo (slacker mom tidbit- I know it's inappropriate for a 3-yr-old, but JB makes me laugh so dang much!). We had counted down the minutes til bedtime and we walked out into the garage to give daddy his good night kiss.

With Aiden wrapped around my right hip, I walk up to Mr. Bradner and call his name. We wait for a few moments. Bradner was prepping some dude's car for an audio build. I figured he must not have heard me call his name, so I say it again.

Mr. Bradner curtly replies, "WHAT!?"

I smack my lips and roll my eyes and before I could say anything more, Aiden chimes in with this little Kesha-ism, "I do not like his attitude..."

I couldn't have said it any better. I abruptly turn on my heel and walk back into the house. I told Aiden that he could get 2 kisses in the morning and he agreed.

Talk about makin' mama PROUD! At the same time though, it freaks the mess outta me. The three of us have been molded from the same pod of sarcasm! As they get older and learn to control their powers, they are gonna turn them on me and I'll have to destroy them because I have been doing this for WAAAAAAYYYYYYY longer...

Just picture it as the battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader...times dos! Drew and Aiden... I AM your mutha! Now, prepare to be obliterated by the sharpness of my wit and tongue!

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