Lame Parents

Okay, so Aiden went to daycare on Friday. As I am clocking him in, I notice at the front desk that there are invitations to a party for the toddlers in the room that Aiden IS NOT in.

How about we are in the lame room. Well, actually, the parents in the other room are lame! There are like 11 toddlers total in both the toddler rooms. Why is it so hard to invite all the little ones to a party? Why discriminate like that?

It really chaps my hide that parents do that. When Aiden has his 2nd bday party, if I were to invite kiddos from his school, I would invite them ALL! I mean really, how rude, people!

So, I just want Aiden to be able to switch rooms. We need some friends his own age and school is supposed to be a great outlet for that, but I guess not.

The only parent I've had interaction with since Aiden started going to this daycare is the mom who stole Aiden's crib sheet over winter break. Somehow our children's sheets go mixed up. Well, I returned her sheet to her (it was crusty and bleached out - but I washed and returned it) and she hasn't even made a move to bring mine back. It really pisses me off, too. You know the sheet isn't yours, why continue to use it? Just a crusty, cheap a$$ momma!

She and her kiddo won't be getting an invite to Aiden's birthday party, that's for sure....


Mrs. H. said...

Are you serious? Mom get a grip! LOL

3 Guys and a Girl said...

You know how serious I am! Just a cheap, ghetto momma!


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