March 4th

Sorry. This is late. I had to get an assignment for class finished and sent off. So, this is my tidbit for March 4th.

When we lived in our house on Darby, Michelle was just a baby. Being that she was a baby, we had all the good smelling baby stuff in the bathroom - BabyMagic body soap to be specific.

Well, I was in the bathtub minding my own business and decided to use some of that good smelling baby soap. I lathered up all nice and good and came out smelling like a baby.

I smelled so much like a baby, that my folks commented on it and asked me if I had used Michelle's soap. Of course I denied using it. Then I got the notion to hide while the smell wore off.

There is a picture of me floating around under my bed, with just my panties on - asleep. My genius plan was to slip under my bed until the scent went away.

I remember my mom telling me that they searched all over the house looking for me. When they discovered my hideout, they got the camera and snapped a photo of the half-nakey, baby smelling girl.

OOOOH! And while I write this, it makes me remember that I also have a beaver shot floating around in the family somewhere. I was always on the go with someone when I was little and would spend the night at my Auntie Bettye's house on the spur of the moment. Well, spur of the moment didn't allow for a change of clothes to be available. To remedy that fact, I would put my clothes from the previous day on, minus the panties.

Well, one day I spent the night and I was wearing a skirt or dress. In the picture, I am on the floor playing and someone snapped a VERY candid shot of me. It is one of those pictures that you don't notice something glaringly wrong until it's developed.

In two stories, you've learned there is a booby and a beaver shot floating around out there for all to see. It's a good thing I didn't compete for the Miss America Peagent, I would have had to been striped of my crown. Those soft porn photos might have surfaced...


Mrs. H. said...

LMAO. Kesha, girl, you are too silly. Lets see if I can find that pic..... ☻♥♥

3 Guys and a Girl said...

It's around here somewhere...

Steffon Hamilton said...

Ok Kesha is this why you torture me with taking pictures... Are you taking out your past experiences on me?


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