What a Difference a Baby Makes...

Once I talked to Arik and got over the shock of being pregnant again, I called my bestie and shared the news with her. I told some key people at work as well, just in case I needed to visit the porcelain gods or something during the work day.

After telling those peeps, Arik and I decided that we wouldn't say anything to anyone else for a bit. Just wanted to keep this tidbit of information to ourselves. We ended up telling the boys on Christmas day and everyone else that evening. I'd already been to the doctor and she confirmed it.

Once I told my family and Arik told his family, we really didn't tell too many other people. It was like our little secret. For some reason, this time around, I wanted to hold onto this a little bit longer. I didn't post on FB, Twitter or Instagram. I don't know why, I just didn't.

This pregnancy was TOTALLY different than when I was preggo with the boys. I didn't have any nausea (thank goodness!) or the overwhelming need to use the restroom every hour. What I did have was complete exhaustion! I was tired all the time. I would make it through the work day and come home and crash on the couch. I'd sleep until the next morning and still wake up tired...

I slept my winter break away! And when it was time to go back to work, my body had just enough energy to get through the work day. I slept A LOT! It was the same way for spring break, too. Boy, this baby was super courteous and only infringed on my time when I actually had time to sleep. How very kind.

This last pregnancy was going pretty darned well. I was wearing my regular clothes. If I hadn't told you I was preggo, you didn't know. My kinders didn't know, even though they bumped their heads on my belly every single day! LOL

1st trimester went by without a hitch. 2nd trimester was good too. Towards the end, I was rocking my belly band and unbuttoned pants. The acne, back-ne and (this time around) breast-ne were in full effect! The 3rd trimester was another story....

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