The Journey

Well, we leave off when I lose 30 lbs with ViSalus (which is still a great product). Arik lost 40 lbs. We were really feeling GOOD about ourselves. Healthy and fit, footloose and fancy free! Felt like I was in my 20s again...totally feeling spry!

Well all that spryness created an outcome that changed this blog from 3 guys and a girl to And then there were 3!

I remember waking up the morning of November 20th, 2012 because things had been weighing heavily on my mind for a couple weeks. I head to the restroom, opened the cabinet and reached to the very back. That is where I keep my economy box of preggo tests.

The next thing I know, I'm laying in the bed next to Arik. I wake him up with a nudge and whisper, "Are you awake?" He responds with a grunt.

"We should play the what if game,"I said. "What if I were pregnant and we were going to have another baby?"

"We'd just be having another baby, I guess."

"Arik, we're going to have another baby." Then, I heard nothing! He kind of stopped breathing. I could sense that he was wide awake then.

"I just took a test because my period is late and it says we're going to have another baby. Are you okay with that?" I asked.

"We're gonna have a baby," he said. It's close to time for him to get up, so he kisses me, gets out of bed and heads for the bathroom.

Later on that morning, I'm getting ready for work and he's already left. I start up a text conversation with him. Lots of times when I feel nervous or irrational or something out of the ordinary, I text or email him. Completely immature, but it works for us. That's how we started, so it's what we know. In my text I share with him how nervous and scared I am to be doing this all over again. With one little pronoun, he melts my heart...

The fact that he was thoughtful enough to put that out into the universe, was just the sweetest! He knew how much I wanted a little girl and labeled our growing embryo accordingly!

That was the beginning of me being pregnant for the third time. Everything that is crossable on my body was crossed in hopes that the little person I was growing inside of me would be a little girl.

And this begins the journey ...

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