Everything Is Growing

When preggo, everything is in a suspended state of growth, i.e. nails and hair. In addition to a growing belly...
My Belly.
Well, my belly was getting out of control! It was becoming increasingly difficult to do lots of things. I had a hard time getting off the couch, tying my shoes, lotioning my legs and feet. Toward the end of May, I had given up on lots of things. My shoes became slip-ons, I wore sandals with ashy feet (that is terrible, I know!)... There was another area that needed attention and I couldn't take care of it because of my big ol' belly.

Each day, it seemed like I had to go to the restroom more than the day before. It was horrible. I would go to the restroom and because a preggo lady's hair is in an extended state of growth...my hair kept getting caught. What hair? Caught where? Take a second to think about it...Check out this post if you still don't get it.

Got it? Good!

It was crazy! I had sent Arik a text a few weeks before this actual event took place, but I was only kind of joking. Kind of... He laughed at me then and he laughed at me when fiction turned to reality.

One day after an exhausting shower, I go into the bedroom, open the window and pssst Arik over to it and say, "I need you to come inside and shave my lady bits. My arms can't reach around my belly anymore and I can't really see down there. I don't want to cut anything off..."

Of course he laughs at me, but he comes inside and chalks this up to his husbandly duty.

For whatever reason, I was mortified! Stupid, huh? After thinking about how any woman becomes preggo, this should be a walk in the park, right? Really, I was beyond embarrassed!

I just decided to take one for the team because I was freakin tired of yanking hair out every time I went to the restroom.

Just another thing about pregnancy...A woman's dignity is seriously compromised when she becomes pregnant. Each pregnancy takes you to a whole new level. Oh, the joys of being pregnant!

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