It's A Jungle Down There!

Noel and I made appointments to get pedicures and such on Wednesday, March 18th. We went to BeautyBrands. My mom got me the GC to BB and I decided to use it. I booked myself for a spa pedicure and a brazillian wax. I figured now that I am 30 I need to try new things.

As I was walking into the room, I told the lady, Melissa, that this was the VERY first time getting a wax and for her to be gentle. She asked me to get undressed from the waist down and lay on the table.

She walked out of the room and I was left to listen to the soothing, instrumental Asian type music and mood lighting. I took off my pants and such and laid on the table. To my surprise, it was heated! My buns were getting nice and toasty as I lay there looking at the recessed lighting; thinking about how it is down there currently -


Melissa came back in and we got right to it. She reassured me that she was going to work from the outside in and if I don't think I can handle it, we'd do a little landing strip instead. I told her that I didn't really want that. "If he can't find it without the landing strip by now, there's no helping him..."

Melissa laughed. She was really good at not making me feel selfconscious. We chatted about different things - all the things people get waxed, which way to rip the cloth, how often to wax, etc. We were laughing it up about all types of things. Then, she asked me if I wanted her to do the back too! I hadn't thought about that - AT ALL! At first, I told her next time, but then I said, "What the h3ll?" She gave me the option of on my knees or birthing position. I chose what I know-birthed 2 boys, I did!

I had a really great time while laying on the table. When Melissa was done, she asked if I wanted to see. "Sure, let me see your handy work!" I jumped off the table and walked over to the mirror. Bald as a skinhead! Here's the after -

Barren as the desert!

Ya nasty! Of course I wouldn't put my hoo-haa out there like that! Anyway, I also got a pedi. Here are a couple pictures of my tootsies. I picked this color because spring is here!

It was really interesting getting the BZ Wax. I think I had really played it up in my head. I didn't scream once! I did do a couple of wimpers and such, but I would definitely go back and do it again.

Oh, Melissa, gave me some stuff to put on my hoo-haa to prevent ingrown hairs and such. How about it feels like I'm putting Icy Hot on my goods! I don't want to get a disease, so I am still putting it on. Hopefully I won't have things falling off....

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