Happy Turkey Cutlet Day

This year Turkey Day, was a little sad. My oldest was a little let down because things just weren't the same.

Usually, I have 7-12+ other people to cook for besides my boys on Thanksgiving, but this year was WAY different!

The realization came when a couple days before T-day, my mom started talking about celebrating with my aunt. That is fine and great. I don't want to be a celebration hog or anything. You can party with whomever you want. It's just that she brings the turkey...

What is a day without Turkey? Certainly not Thanksgiving Day!

In addition to my mom/dad/sister not coming, family drama stopped a few people from coming over in years past (greed, thievery, stupidity). This year my fav cousins weren't coming because of some family drama that left everyone's feelings a little sore and tender. My other fav cousin had an alibi. She doesn't live in the state and was just in KC a few weeks before. I get that. But all that makes it hard for Potluck Thanksgiving to be a success.

I spent Gobble Eve running around trying to find already done turkey because I can't cook turkey, peeps. There is just something about the feel of raw poultry and sticking my hand up salmonella infested turkey ass or down turkey neck, trying to pull out "giblets" (eeeewwww).

I went to Hen House and discovered the Honeybaked Ham peeps don't just do ham. They also do turkey. Sad thing? They had just sold their last turkey as I was walking in the door.

Being the resourceful girl that I am, I whip out my iPad and google Honeybaked Ham. There is a store nearby. I call and yes! They had turkey. It was 6:45 and my brain registered that the salesperson was mentioning that they closed at 7. DAYUM!

I google other Hen House stores. There is another...all the freaking way out on 135th and Metcalf. I start thinking about it and realize that this is something I have to have. So, I drive out there....got lost along the way, but got there eventually. Something turkey-ish...check!

I had to call on my bestie to get me the broccoli and rice casserole and had to produce all the sides that other people brought myself. That is the thing about Potluck Turkey Day... I didn't have to make everything, but when everyone decides not to come, I am in a pickle!

I ended up making sweet potato casserole, twice baked potato casserole, green bean casserole (x2 cuz my mom assumed I would be celebrating at my aunt's house with her), mac and cheese, dressing, pecan pie, Sock-It-To-Me cake, brownie cheesecake and raspberry tea. Not to mention warming the ham and turkey. What was missing? The cobbler, the rolls, and the people.

I did a pretty good job filling in where others left holes, but it was very frustrating. Needless to say, I started drinking my wine when I started cooking Thanksgiving dinner...

What did this experience teach me? Not to depend on traditions to get everyone through. I learned to not depend on the luck in Potluck so much anymore. For next year, I already have my turkey supplier picked out. I know how to cook everything that I like to eat on T-day.

I am teaching my boys that even though everyone and everything else is a variable, what we do in our house is constant. We will continue to have Thanksgiving right here at home. We will not be going to anyone else's house to celebrate. We are used to being at home and celebrating this day and that is how it will stay.

I made it happen...even if we were eating turkey cutlets with our meal.


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