I just wanna vent tonight.

Do yall remember how much I despise laundry? I have mentioned it a few...hundred times in my life. You can search my slacker mom files or just keep reading and you'll get the gist. A picture is worth a thousand words, huh? Well, how many words are these pictures worth? That's about 1000 articles of clothing right there...

I really don't like folding my laundry once it's finished! I look at this pile of clothes and sigh. Every morning, I put some away, but by the time I get home from work, it seems to multiple!

I swear I saw Mr. B give one of my sweaters a kiss good morning. There are so many clothes on my side of the bed that most nights I am too tired to even move them. Where do I sleep? The couch. Mr. B really grumps about that, but it is all I can do to keep up with washing and drying the clothes.

Why does my clothing pile never go down? Every morning, I try on at least 3 different outfits for work. Apparently, it must be the same outfits I hung up the morning before or something.

When I see there are clothes to be folded, I'd much rather stub my toe repeatedly, bite my tongue and stand outside during recess time in freezing temps with no coat. I JUST HATE FOLDING LAUNDRY!!!!

In addition to my clothes, I'm responsible for the kitchen and bathroom towels and Aiden's clothes too. I am a little better about his clothes. I'll do his clothes before I get to mine, usually. What are the other guys responsible for? Their clothes. They wash, dry and put away their own clothes.

Why can't Groupon have a deal on housecleaning services that will travel over to the Dotte area? I've asked them to find someone and they said they'd work on it, but I need it like YESTERDAY! I'd just want them to put away my clothes...

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Mrs. H. said...

Have I got a solution for you! Just as me sometime… =)


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