Going All Out

I'm not usually one to follow the crowds, but this summer my train of thoughts happened to intersect with a few social "in-crowdy" things.

I'm a hard working girl (what with 2 jobs and all). This summer, I spent my time teaching summer school, tutoring, and teaching Science camp. I brought a few dollars into the household this summer, so after MUCH debating, I decided to splurge on a couple things for myself.

There were 2 clubs that had been catching my eye. The first thing was the Coach Club. I had been thinking about owning a Coach handbag for a long while. This summer, I decided to act on that thought.

On Friday, July 15th, My bestie and I breezed into the Coach store at the Mall. I was greeted by a lil cutie-pie all dressed up; including a female version of Fred's ascot. My words to Fredina (lol) went something like this, "I am looking to own a Coach bag today. I was online and I think what I want is a cute satchel or something like that."

Fredina started walking me around the store and showing off their merchandise. Noel and I just try things on and strike poses in the mirrors. It was very cool.

I ended up purchasing 2 items from the store and can I tell you that the customer service was VERY high quality! Even though I make fun of Fredina's ascot, she was the sweetest person. She walked that store with me, helped my find what I wanted, and even let me take a picture to commemorate my very 1st Coach experience. It was a BLAST!

To continue the exceptional customer service, Fredina mailed me a hand written thank you note about 2 weeks later and enclosed a $50 gift card towards my next purchase! I know, right!? It doesn't end there though, a week after the thank you card, I received a phone call making sure I was still enjoying my handbag. Which I so totally was!

So, let me tell you, This one Coach bag has parlayed into a handbag, a cell phone case, and an iPad cover (yeah, cuz I bought an iPad this summer. My 2nd club  *sheepish grin**)! I thought I couldn't be a happier girl, except today when I went to tutor my 3rd  and Kdgner grade sisters, they (their mom) had bought me a gift! Guess what it was!!!?? A Coach wallet! Mom said that since I had the handbag, I needed to go Coach all the way and a wallet was just what I needed..

I do not know what I do to deserved to be so blessed to meet wonderful people that see my visions (as crazy as they may be) and embrace it. I am just so completely thankful for experiences like this. It's amazing!

So, my vision of owning 1 Coach item, turned into owning 4 items and I am completely okay with that! I will probably be using this bag for the next 2-3 years and that works for me...they fit my princess mentality.

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