Double Entendre Gone Bad?

Funny story. Maybe just to me, but I am going to tell it anyway.

I am back to work and I have been for 2 weeks. I am doing a ton of beginning of the year stuff. You know, the usual...making name tags, labeling EVERYTHING, looking for realistic clipart to explain things in the kinderverse.

Well, my computer has been down and out since I went back to work. Let me just tell you that completely sucks nuggets! I totally don't need anything to distract me and cause me to leave my room. I don't get anything done! Imma bag lady! I spend my time lurking around corners and peeking through windows to see if there is an open PC for me to use at Greener Grass Elementary (GGE).

It just so happens that the principal of GGE has an open door policy when it comes to using her computer and color printer (AWESOMENESS). I love color! So, where do I lurk the most? Her office door...lol!

So let me set this up for you. The kinders have 4 options for lunch each day: regular, muffin/string cheese, PB&J or salad. The other day, I was looking on Google Images for some good pictures (the exact brands that we use in the cafeteria) for my lunch choice board.

I'd found everything but the salad. My kinder partner has a cool picture of a salad being poured into a bowl. I wanted a salad picture that looked that good! Here's the funny...

I'm racking my brain to come up with the right search word so I could get the right picture. I think back to kinder partner's picture and started a word association.

Can you see where I am going with this? Think about it...I'm looking for a picture of salad...salad falling from the sky into a bowl...seemingly being TOSSED!

RIGHT! I typed in the words "tossed salad bar" in hopes that it would bring me an awesome picture like my kinder partner had on her lunch choice board. I didn't even think about what else that phrase means! So one track minded!

Well, I got some pictures all right. I got some pictures of actual salad and some pictures of a someone's salad being tossed! I didn't click on any pictures, but still. And do you recall who's computer I was on? YUP! The principal's... And you do remember that I work in the public school system, correct? Right! They do monitor computer usage.

So, if the princpal gets fired because I searched for tossed salad, Imma be extra sad... I did try to do some damage control though. I quickly hit the back button and typed the word lettuce in and clicked the search button.

Maybe the IT peeps are too busy or too underpaid to catch that the "principal"  (heehee) pulled up some not nice images of tossed salad...


Mrs. H. said...

ROFLMAO!!! Me, being so naive, didnt think anything was wrong with your scenario. But when I got it, I about lost it. I'm still "red-faced" as I leave this comment. See it just takes one sour apple to mess up everything for everyone else…open door policy. That iwas too hilarious! Good story.

Mrs. H. said...

ROFLMAO!!! I was thinking, so whats wrong with that? But when I finally got it, I about lost it. I'm still "red-faced" as I leave this comment. That iwas too hilarious! Good story.

Cori said...

That cracked me up!!!! Uh, I still barely get it. I am N-A-I-V-E. Is nothing safe to google? :)


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