Back to School Time

Well this week, Andrew started the 7th grade. I am officially old because I have a kid that old! I know... The picture at the left is my lame first day of school picture for Andrew. Can I get a SLACKER MOM, what!?

This picture was taken at the END of the day. That's why Aiden is wearing pajamas. Andrew did not allow me to take his picture the morning of the first day. We were in the car, in front of the middle school before I remembered  I needed to take the picture! Andrew was all, "No, no mom. You cannot  take my picture right now... "*insert weird, teenage look.*
I didn't get a traditional, fresh morning shot. Ah, well... you get the gist of the occasion with this photo. It was the "First Day of School" shot. My 7th grader and my almost 4 year old. It's unbelievable!

Time really flies... That's all I have to say. My boys are growing so stinkin' fast.

So, Andrew comes home after school and is telling me about his schedule. He was all bummed out because his two electives for the semester are band (which he enjoys) an d THEATER!

Drew: Mom, I need you to go up to the school and change my schedule because they put me in art.
Me: I think you should give theater a try. Middle school is all about trying new things. You might like theater. Do you know what theater is?
Drew: No..
Me: Theater is lying. When you are really good at acting, you are basically really good at lying. Since, you've spent the last few months practicing your lying skills for ridiculous reasons, and getting caught, how about you try theater? You might improve upon your skills and therefore take this evil power and use it for something good.
Drew (laughed): I guess I could give it a try.
Me: Besides, it's not all acting. You could use your artistic powers to create awesome set designs and things like that.
Drew: Okay, Mom. I'll give it a try...

Take notes, folks, cuz that is a slacker mom in action! Did I really want to go up to the school and go through the mess of talking to those chuckle heads in the middle school office? Not really. Especially since ALL summer long, they had me on the incomplete immunization call list. I got an automated call every week this summer telling me that Drew was behind on his shots. Even though, I sent them a copy of his records in November. And after that I received a letter in the mail stating that he was behind, so I walked a copy into the school in May. It was only after I spoke with the nurse and told her I would bring her a 3rd copy when she told me the office had misplaced the other 2 copies.

Did I try to get off the call list, you ask? Yes, yes I did; only to be given the run around between the district and the school. No one knew who put me on the list, so no one could take me off it. Thoroughly pissed me off, it did....

So, as a slacker mom, I really did not want to go up to the school and chat with those yahoos about switching my kid's schedule.

Do I believe that this is a time for Drew to try lots of options? Yes, yes I do. Do I think theater will be his thing? No, no I do not. He really is the artsy type of guy, in the sense that he likes to draw and sculpt and stuff. I just don't want to type cast, ya know?

Happy 1st Day of School...

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