Top Iconic Commercial Characters List

Last weekend my bestie and I were discussing commercials. Some years ago, the ban (or whatever curse there was) was lifted and suddenly commercials could mention/compare other products by name. We both agreed that was a very sad day in history. For me, the creativity came in creating ways to DISS the competition without saying their name.

That led us to spending some minutes ranking commercials...and that put us on the topic of naming iconic commercial personalities.

What did I do? I Googled it...

On Wikipedia (I know,  I know...not the MOST reliable source, but it gets the brain juices flowing) there's a list. Go ahead and click the word...I've done the hard part, you just have to scroll and read. 

So, here's my top picks (for the moment) and they aren't in any particular order:

Justin the iPhone Guy
Flo the Progressive Rep

Green M&M
The Taco Bell Chihuahua

 I also like: the GEICO gecko, Kool-Aid Man, the California Raisins, Chester Cheetah and the list could go on. Now, I know with these iconic characters, they were overused, but think about the first time you saw a commercial with that character. Did it make you smile or laugh out loud? They served their purpose...

What are some of your iconic commercial characters?

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