Ready For My Close-Up, Mr. Spielberg! *Smile & Wink*

The above link is a turning point in my educator career! I was on T.V., y'all! That's right! I've started skipping down the road to fame and fabulousness! A news crew came to visit the kinderverse on Thursday, May 12th. Did I win an award? No. Was it to do a piece on how great a teacher I am? No. Did I win the lotto and decide am still going to go to work and give back to the children? No, but that is something I would do if given the chance...

We were a sound byte for a piece on the never ending budget cuts to education. Um... don't suck your teeth, you weren't on T.V. last Thursday! It doesn't matter why we were on there, it just matters that we were there.

The Kinderverse isn't until the middle to the end of the clip and we are doing calendar time and yes, we are singing the days of the week in Spanish. I try and produce well rounded kinders from my class. We know a little sign language, have extensive vocabularies, and know a little Spanish. That's how we roll!

So, I have gotten a little taste of fame. My phone was blowing up with text messages from folks that saw me. The way I figure it, that was about 30 seconds of fame, but of course you have to round up. Sooooo, that'd be about a minute's worth of fame. I have 14 more minutes to go.

As I rewatch this clip, I am saddened that they came the day BEFORE my hair appointment and on a day where my pants were TOO big and my shirt with horizontial stripes was TOO small! HA! Ah, well...what can ya do?

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