Creationary - Create Your Own Dictionary!

Language is a very awesome thing. I know that sounds nerdy, but it really is! Here are a couple of my favorite books that have to do with wondifferous words!

This book is super cute! I adore Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell! They make a fabulous team! The title speaks for itself...Big Words for Little People. Don't shy away from using big words with your children...

Frindle by Andrew Clements is one of my all time favs. Clements does a wonderful job of telling a story that includes a little lesson on how words get into the dictionary. Oh, the power people have! Remember when it was headline news that Destiny's Child's word, bootylicious was added to the dictionary? Who woulda thunk it?

This book is funny with a side of lesson learned.

Why am I writing about this? Well, I like LOVE words! I love to think'em, speak'em, read'em and make'em up myself! I'm a word splicer! What's a word splicer, you ask? I like to take multiple words and create a mash-up and come up with new words. Sometimes the words in the English language don't do justice to what I am trying to say, sooooo I have to create something that effectively explains the level of importance regarding things I speak on.

For instance, the other day when I realized that my class was going to be on the tube, my brain came up with kinderverse. Kindergarten is something all its own...a universe, if you will. We are at the center of our own everything. We are everything. In kindergarten, there is nothing more important than creating a solid sense of agency (the ability to believe that you can do whatever you set your mind to). In kindergarten, we are very narcissistic, not by choice, but by necessity. We are discovering what makes us special and the things we are capable of.

Kinderverse implies how important what we do really is. Not very many people get the kindergarten universe mantra. It's hard to understand, but once you do, it's oh, so very imaginative and exciting!

I'm not claiming to have created these words (most are in the dictionary), but I will say that once my brain thought to splice words together, I noticed them showing up in the vocabulary of others. You know like when you buy a new car (never realizing how many you see on the daily) and all of a sudden you are made aware and see it EVERYWHERE?

Here are some words that I have come to appreciate:

carbivore (that one showed up on a diet/weight loss commercial!)
secrelazy (a lazy secretary)
custodibum (a bum of a custodian)
craptacular (crapily spectacular)
slackadazical (lack of purpose to get things done)
uniboob (1 tig 'ol biddy!)
ginormous (LOVE this one!)
frediculious (freakin ridiculous)
derriculious (stupid (as in "der!") ridiculous)
happenstance (circumstances where things just happen)
kinderverse (see above)
kinderriffic (so wonderful, you're in awe of something like when you were little; bigger than life)

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Mrs. H. said...

Yes, you are a "wordsmith" of sorts. You are good at animating your thoughts with just the right combination of words. So, when are you gonna put pen to paper and write "your" children's books? You have soooo much to share with the world!


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