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So, each day I am relearning more and more about the roles Mr. B and I play in this ying yang relationship. When we are in sync, we work really well together. Outta sync is a completely different story! There have been some times recently where we just DO NOT work together at all...

Some examples of our opposites: he barely talks, I'm a chatter box; he's got a good hold on his emotions whereas I'm all over the place; he's outdoors and rugged, I'm indoors and comfy; he's math, I'm literacy...The list could go on for days! There are two traits I would like to point out in this blog because these are the two that have come to light recently.

Mr. B is a very laid back, nonchalant person. I am very rigid, anal retentive, if you will. The more relaxed he is on certain things, I tend to be extra naggy about them. The whole month of April, I was a complete witch, with a capital B. Andrew was going through some things and Mr. B and I weren't seeing eye to eye about a lot. We're in the process of trying to work this out.

The latest is in the way of trust. Oh, it's not an issue of me trusting him. It's an issue of him being overly trustworthy and me being very skeptical.

The situation we were in that made me realize this involved my Expressions bracelets, or lack there of...

I was frantically searching the house for my two bracelets so I could get warranty work done. My mind has recalled that I put them in a velvet bag on the bookcase in the dining room or in the center console in Sadie. That was some months ago since they were both broken.

Well, as I was searching, I couldn't find the satchel anywhere! As I'm searching, my mind goes to all the peeps that Mr. B has allowed into the house for one thing or another. Lately, he's had many peeps over because of some car audio work they've asked him to do.

The long and the short of it is that I basically call his "friends" hoodlums. Now, I don't consider all his folks miscreants, just the ones I've only met a a couple times. I do know that Mr. B is a very trusting soul. He's a country boy. He's used to a small community, where everyone know everyone else and no one locks  their doors at night.

Of course I found the bracelets after a 2nd more thorough search of Sadie and I am currently trying to muster up some courage to apologize.

You would think that after almost 12 years of marriage, I would be very aware of these things. I would be able to curb my traits, but nope. Even after all these years, I still manage to open mouth and insert foot...

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Dionna said...

But even thou you've been married for 12 years, it's refreshing to know that you are still learning each other...an adventure if you will;-)

Now, go ahead girl, and apologize...maybe give HIM a card:))


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