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My goal sometime this year is to author a book.... My favorite things to read are children's books and romance novels. I am trying my hand at both. If I end up writing both, something is going to have a pen name. Those genres are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Here's a little something... Please feel free to comment and critique.


Ainsley got out of the shower and slathered her 5 foot 7 inch frame with moisturizer. She had plans to hang out with her best friend, Keri. They planned on having a few drinks and do a little flirting…okay, a LOT of flirting. To Ainsley, the more compliments and numbers she got, the better she felt about herself. In her eyes, after she did her weekly chick maintenance, she’d look in the mirror and rate her body appearance. Most days she felt like a 5 in her bra and panties. It always seemed contradictory to her that with her clothes on, she rated herself a 10. With clothes on, she embraced her caramel colored skin, curvy figure, full breasts, and shoulder length auburn hair. When the package was put together, there was no stopping her! She walked with a swagger. Her hazel eyes would twinkle and she always had a mischievous smile on her full lips.

In the privacy of her home, was a different story. As a matter of fact, Ainsley hadn’t felt confident enough about her looks to actually meet someone and allow the relationship to progress to the next level in a long while. She was so afraid of what he’d think about her body once the clothes came off. Yes, she knew that sounded ridiculous, but she spent her whole life thinking that way.

This was a weekend she needed to go out and do some flirting. It was her birthday weekend and she needed to get out of this funk she found herself wallowing in. So, she and Keri decided to head out to Martini Spot and flirt their worries away.

Ainsley donned a pair of navy boy cut panties with pink polka-dots and a matching bra. Tonight’s outfit choice was a body clinging, black strapless dress with a slits on both sides that come mid thigh. Accessorizing her outfit was a bright pink cover up jacket with a matching belt, jet black tights and a pair of Mary Jane heels. To top everything off, she went cat eye glam with her make-up and brushed on some body glitter to make “the girls” pop a bit. The doorbell rang.

“Coming,” Ainsley said as she walked to the door of her apartment and opened it.

“Hey, Annie,” said Keri. “You look great! I love the eye makeup. Ready to go make’em sweat
a little?”

Ainsley gave Keri a hug and stepped back so she could enter the apartment. Standing before her was her best friend of fifteen years. They had met in college, both studying education and became fast friends. Their outgoing personalities complimented one another. Regardless of where and what they were doing, they always made their own party. Keri was 5’5’’ with stacked, honey blond hair. She was slender with curves in all the places that counted and her steely blue eyes were striking. Ainsley couldn’t have asked for a better best friend and colleague. It had worked out that after graduation, they applied for teaching positions in the same school district and just recently, Keri was transferred to Ainsley’s school to teach 1st grade. Ainsley taught kindergarten.

“Ker, I so need this night out. I’ve been looking forward to this all week!” said Ainsley as she motioned for Keri to come in and sit down. “Would you like a glass of wine while we wait for the cab? I’ve got some tasty Moscoto chilling.”

“Yes, girl. I would love a glass. Why waste all our money buying drinks when we can have a couple for free here at the house, right?” Keri took a seat on the smooth, brown leather couch while Ainsley walked into the kitchen to get two glasses of wine. “ I wanted to go to Martini Corner because they’ve put in a new club and the house band is supposed to be fantastic.”

“I heard that, too. Um, shoot! The group’s name is on the tip of my tongue,” said Ainsley from the kitchen.

“The club is called Indulge and the band’s name is Perspective. They play a little bit of     

“That’s right, Perspective. I hope this place is on point because I just wanna drink, dance and have a great time tonight.” Ainsley said as she walked back into the living room. “How long did the cab driver say they’d be?”

“It’ll be here in 20 minutes. Are you all ready? You know how you always have your last minute things to take care of. You can never be on time, girl.” Keri laughed and sipped her wine.

“You’ve got jokes. I am ready. I’ve got my cash, my gloss and my camera. I’m ready for a night of taking pictures with strangers.” Ainsley loved meeting new people when she went out and taking a picture with them once they struck up a conversation.

“You are crazy with that picture business, Annie. I love reliving our nights out looking at your pictures on Profile Page,” Keri laughed some more.

“You know I like to meet me some new peeps, girl,” said Ainsley.


Ainsley and Keri walked up to the entrance of Indulge and flashed their smiles at the doorman. He gave both ladies an appreciative look and held the door for them. Ainsley tried to give him her cover fee, but he waved it away.

He said, “Your money isn’t good here. You’ve dressed to impress and I am definitely impressed. This one’s on me, hun.” He gave her another sweep and smiled, shaking his head.

            “Thank you very much,” Ainsley said with a smile and followed Keri into the club.

Keri turned, gave Ainsley a big smile and said, “It’s packed tonight and there are a ton of yummy lookin’ men here. I think we are definitely going to get lucky in the drink department tonight, Annie.”

“I hope so. I need this to be a three for free night!” Ainsley had to raise her voice a little for Keri to hear her over the pulsating beat of the music.

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, an older gentleman came up to her and introduced himself as Tyler. He followed the pick up script asking all the generic, get to know you questions: name, are you here with anyone, and finally occupation. When Ainsley said kindergarten teacher, Tyler didn’t disappoint with his response.

“Man! If my kindergarten teacher looked like you, I’d have repeated that grade a couple times.” Tyler cackled loudly after his comment. She had heard all the lines about being a kindergarten teacher. Ainsley just smiled and caught Keri’s eye. Keri shrugged and continued scanning the room.

“So,” said Tyler, “can I buy you and your friend a drink?”

“Absolutely. I’ll have a Captain and Coke and Keri will have a Bacardi and Sprite.” Ainsley smiled at him. Her mama didn’t raise no fool. If he was offering drinks, she’d take them; even if she wasn’t feeling him. It was all part of the game.

While old man Tyler turned to the bar to order drinks, Ainsley walked over to Keri and nudged her.

“How about you could have thrown a girl a life line! I’m not here for oldie, but goodies…”

Keri laughed and asked, “He’s getting us drinks, right? We can ditch him after. Relax and enjoy.”

“Easy for you to say. Grandpa wasn’t coming on to you!”

Before Keri could comment, Tyler turned around and motioned for the girls to come over to the bar and get their drinks from the bartender.

            “I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Oscar,” said Tyler. “He’s in town for a couple days.”

“Nice to meet you, ladies,” Oscar said. “You’re looking lovely tonight.” It was obvious he was speaking directly to Keri in her short, red dress.

“Nice to meet you as well,” said Keri. She looked over at Ainsley and rolled her eyes. Ainsley laughed.

Feeling the need for an exit, Ainsley threw out the bathroom card and Keri didn’t hesitate to latch onto that getaway opportunity! Somehow, standing in line for the restroom sounded a lot more appealing than hanging with men her father’s age…

As Ainsley stood, surveying the crowd, she swayed in time to the music. Somehow, she and Keri had gotten separated while on the dance floor. She had no idea where Keri went off to, but she wasn’t worried. Keri was a fiery one and if someone got out of line, she didn’t hesitate to flash her mace.

Still swaying, Ainsley noticed the gentleman to her right. She smiled at him and turned back to the dance floor. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the guy trade places with another guy next to him.

Ainsley couldn’t help but notice the guy’s physique. Just looking at him made her body tingle all over. He was well built, strong arms and a flat stomach that tapered down to a trim waist. He had a bald head and Ainsley found that she wanted to rub her hands all over it. She took a sip of her drink and went back to watching the crowd on the dance floor. There was a big group of people stepping to the beat on the dance floor. Ainsley always enjoyed people watching when she went out.

She was still swaying to the beat when she bumped into the guy to her right. She turned   and
said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bump you.”

The guy had to be at least 6 foot and a cutie, Ainsley noticed. He looked down at her,     
smiled and said, “Oh, it’s not a problem at all.”

Ainsley smiled and then turned back to her people watching. The guy moved a little         
closer causing her to bump him again. “I really am sorry. It’s just so crowded in here,”           
she said.

Cutie smiled down at her again and said, “No problem…”

They turned their attention back to the dance floor. Cutie moved a little closer to Ainsley and started swaying in tune to her. Ainsley took a sip of her drink and smiled. She realized a come on in the making. He moved a little closer still…

They swayed together for a minute or two and finally Ainsley turned her head and said, “If we are going to stand this close, I feel like we should know each other.”

He smiled and said, “You think so, huh? My name is Kwan.”

“Ainsley. Nice to meet you.” She batted her lashes and smiled her “I approve” smile.

Kwan reached out his hand for her to shake and she did. “So, what brings you and your friend out tonight, Ainsley?” he asked.

“We were just looking for some fun tonight. And it’s my birthday in…” She looked at her watch, “about 10 minutes.”

“Really? Well, it would make me very happy if you’d let me buy your first birthday drink.”

“I’d like that,” said Ainsley with a wink.

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