That's a Bunch of BULL!

Had the opportunity to ride a mechanical bull in January. I was celebrating with my girl, Rebecca, for her birthday. Here's some video of my ride. Why am I putting this out there? Because I like doing fun things and I don't really care what other peeps think of my actions. It's all in harmless fun...and I did have a lot of fun!

Some things to acknowledge in the video (pardon the darkness of the video):
  1. Me inching up the bull
  2. Me riding in true cowgirl fashion - with 1 arm in the air
  3. The dismount!
  4. The fact that I didn't last very long, but the presentation was pretty good!

After riding the bull, I was just minding my business-mingling and sipping on my Madori Sour (yummy drink). A guy comes up to me and says hey. We strike up a conversation. He asks the general pick up questions. Please, keep reading, it gets better...

SCENE - We have a few minutes of mindless, polite chatter and THEN...
G: What school did you go to?
M: I went to Sabre Academy... What about you?
G: I went to Sabre Academy too! What year did you graduate?
M: Graduated in '97... (and just as I was about to ask him what year he graduated in, he said this...)
G: Wwwwwooooooooowwwwwww! (His mouth formed a perfect "O", his eyes bugged out his head and he looked my up and down.)
M: What?
G: That was a long time ago! You are way older than I thought! You look good, girl!
M: Well, what year did you graduate?
G: '05, but that's okay. Age ain't nothing but a number...
M: Really? That's how you come at me? I'm mad cuz you put me on blast!
G: I didn't mean it like that...
M: When you go "wow" like you did and look at me like I'm yo mama, the conversation is over...
G: Naw, for real. Can I get your number? Age don't matter... Exactly how old are you?
M: Like Imma tell you now? Whatevs, besides, I'm married... It was nice talking to you. Goodnight and don't miss your curfew... (I turn and walk away)

This was the beginning of the end for me... Here I am about to turn 32 and this little snot comes at me with that goofy, Roger Rabbit look?

I am NOT trying to be as old as his look made me feel! WTH? And that is when I came up with my kooky idea for POLE-A-PALOOZA!

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Mrs. H. said...

ROFLMAO.....that video was hilarious. I applaude you for wiggling up there and releasing your inner Cowgirl.

Secondly, that l'il punk should've been at home with his Mommy. But you had a come back for him that was great. Kesha-1, BoyToy-0


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