Here I Come Pole-a-palooza 2011!

So, you all know me a little bit by now, right? I usually do something kooky around my birthday time. Rememeber the year I got the brazillian (go ahead and click for a refresher)? This year is no different! I just started a little early... To begin my kooky things this year, I've decided that I am going to have a birthday party that is unlike any other I've ever had... March 2011 has been named "Pole-a-palooza!" I am having a pole dancing party!

Today, I began my steps to amaturizing the art of pole dancing. I am taking pole dance classes at Pole Worx. I have 4 Sundays to get some moves down and avoid an EPIC fail on my part. I know it's kinda cheating. Everyone I invite March 5th will not have had as much practice, but it's MY birthday and I'll cheat if I want too!

When driving down to Pole Worx, please know that it is in the HOOD! It's off of 12th street in the bottoms. I took some left turns and some right turns, came close to the railroad trax, and parked next to a vacant building. But that's not the half of it!

 I walk into this vacant looking building, the kind of building where all the SAW movies were made... What do I see? A bank vault that has empty booze bottles and a toddler car seat (how random?), a little signage, some rickety wooden stairs, and foe Tiffany lighting (WTH?).
What's with the mask on the security alarm? Freaky! So Phantom of the Opera!
Signage pointing the way to the stairway of death!
Bank vault on the way to stairs of death...

The hallway to stairs of death. Can you see the fake Tiffany lighting fixtures above?
Well, I make it up Death Valley and to the studio...The point of this is to share with you my beginning stages of pole dancing. I learned 3 moves and I wish I had a pole in my house to practice. I was going to post my video, but after reviewing it, I noticed I was wearing a t-shirt that promoted my school district. Sorry, next time, I'll choose my clothing better. So, you'll just have to use your imaginations this time around...

I guarantee my arms and thighs will be SUPER sore tomorrow while teaching the children at Greener Grass Elementary. But this is so worth the pain... And is much better than riding the BULL !  :-)

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Mrs. H. said...

I didn't think you were going go through with it. It sounds like fun. I'm coming to see the video, should be quite entertaining. LOL


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