I am going to spend a moment (or 2 or 3) paying tribute to me, my features, my flaws, my strengths and my weaknesses. I have 68 days until I am firmly rooted in my thirties. I have spent the past 6 months contemplating everything; my career, my family, my life in general... I feel like 32 might be the beginning of something _______!

So, here's what I like about me this week...my legs! I've never given my legs a second thought before last night. Wait, I take that back... I have freaking hair bump freckles (but no hair really) all over my legs! I've hated that all my life! Other than that, I've never given my legs the opportunity to occupy space in my mind in a positive way...

Ode to my Legs

Leg 1 and leg 2, where would I be without you? (hee hee)
Despite your freakish hair freckles, I'm thankful...
NEVER have to shave you!

There's nothing there!
I can only wonder what it's like to have to remove unwanted hair.

You're shapely and long...on the way to getting lean
Why I think my stems are really keen!

In yoga pants, or leggings,
skinny jeans or shorts.

My legs make me smile because they are attractive
And when I look at them, I think possiblilities of all sorts!

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