What's with the Cheesy Grin!?

I took this picture when Noel and I went to St. Louis for a long 'girls only' weekend. Tonight's flaw is the cheddar on my mug (uh, the smile on my face).

To the average person's eye, my smile looks fine. But, please, put some shades on and don't allow yourself to be blinded by the 1000 megawatt smile in this photo...

Yes, my teeth appear pearly white, my lips are glossy and proportionate to my head, nose, etc. But there is one thing that nags me about my smile...

In every picture I see, my head is tilted or there's something off balance about me or my surroundings. I can't help but notice that my smile has always been off kilter! It drives me INSANE!

Here is a photo montague of smiles for your viewing pleasure:
Cheesin' at the successful shedding of 30 lbs.
My 10-11 School Year Photo

Me and the boys on Halloween

Me and Aiden being goofy

Showing off my new bangs!

At Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Waterpark with Bestie

Just Cuz


After the Usher concert

Bowling with the girls from work

NYE 2010

Partying with my girl, KT for her Bday

Usher concert

Usher concert

In every single one of the pictures above, it appears that there is a puppet master pulling the string on the right side of my mouth up a little higher... Makes me absolutely BONKERS! I have spent my life tilting my head, doing something goofy, consciously trying to lower the right side of my mouth, or lifting a shoulder to balance things out.

For this to bother me soooo stinkin' much, you'd think all I've ever gotten were negative comments on my smile. that's not the truth, though. In fact, my smile is one of the first things people comment on. When I smile, others can't help but smile back (but that's true of every bucket filler in the world). I just don't get how they miss the "leaning tower of cheese-zah" that is my grin, cheese, smile, jolliness...you get my point.

Well, today I am going to grab the reigns of my off kilter bit of happiness! It brings character and pizzaz to my being. I am going to take the words of others and embrace them as my own...I am the beholder of my own beauty.

I can't help it if the curvature of my buxom lips cause your world to tilt slightly... From this moment forward, I *heart* my smile!

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