Some Kind Of Life Crisis

Lately, I have really been into photographing myself. I dunno. All the things that were flaws up to this point, I find wonderful! Since I had my breakthrough, I have lost about 15 lbs and went down 2 pants sizes. I feel great. I like knowing that I still have it and can produce it on demand if need be.

I feel like a completely different person and I think to myself, "man, if I feel this great going to the gym only 2 days a week, what the hell will happen to the world if I workout 5-7 days?" I'd probably wear nipple pasties to work one day! Haha! Just kidding...I'm still the same ol' Mrs. Bradner I've always been...
just with more moxy!

I am not going to apologize or question it, I'm just going to live it while it lasts...

1 comment:

deeps said...

try it out... and you are going to want take more photos of you ;)


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