National Board Certification

Here's me adding more fuel to the fire this year! On top of starting the school year oit with an asinine number of kindergarteners, tutoring 6 hours a week, and being a present member of my family...I am thinking of applying for National Board Certification. What is National Board Certification, you ask? Well, let me enlighten you...

A quote from the NBPTS website, "Like board-certified doctors and accountants, teachers who achieve National Board Certification have met rigorous standards through intensive study, expert evaluation, self-assessment and peer review."

I am just taking time to really eyeball my teaching practices and make them even more stellar! I know what's running through your mind, "Kesha, what about the fact that you are halfway done with your Master's degree?" When are you going to finish that?" I've stopped my Master's for the moment because I felt like the classes were just busy work. I could totally write those papers and such in my sleep! I want something that will challenge me to the fullest... Taking a microscope to things that I am already doing is going to really bring about changes that are necessary to evolve and become better at my craft.

From what I understand about the informational meeting, it's pretty intense and in the 1st year, only about 40% of candidates receive their certification... Regardless of if I receive my certification or not, I think this would be a VERY good experience for me.

Here's the kicker-things start on Sept. 10! I know, right?! That's right around the corner!

So, the question is...should I or shouldn't I?

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Shelly said...

Your not nuts. I'm thinking of doing something just a similarly crazy! Good luck to us both. I'm sure you'll do well. Make sure you take it all with a grain of salt and when it gets too salty...drown yourself in a bubble bath (not literally but you know) :)


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