Taking One For The Team

Yesterday was a rough day for me. I was stewing because I had one of the roughest days at school with the enrollment situation in kindergarten. So yesterday, I was in quite the pissy mood and I just really wanted to cry.

Well, instead of crying, I fell asleep and Arik got the boys off to bed at their respectable times. I vaguely remember Aiden walking up to me, hugging and kissing me and telling me good night. Arik soon toddled himself off to bed and left me on the couch. I woke up somewhere around 10 and decided that I was going to wash my hair before getting in bed... All that being done, I got into bed about midnight.

Fast forward to 2 am. Only a handful of good things happen at that time of the night and let me tell you NONE of those things were taking place in the Bradner household. What was happening, you ask? Well, Aiden was cranky and crying and everything. Arik got up to tend to him multiple times and finally I said, "just let him come and lay in the bed with us."

Aiden comes meandering into the bedroom and monkey climbs the bed. He skooches his way over to me and snuggles into the comfy curve that mommy's have and provide for their children. Aiden was there all of 15 minutes before he starts to whine and cry...

He sits up and dinner spews out his mouth! ALL OVER the bed and ME!!!!!! And it just keeps coming! I get all panicky and rush him to the bathroom so we can shower.

While we are doing that, Arik is cleaning up the bed... I *heart* him for that. I can't handle cleaning things like that up! When we get done in the shower, the bed is all clean and he's laid a towel down over the damp spots. However, Aiden and I don't get to climb into the bed. His tummy is still super upset and I end up introducing him to the porcelain god (um...the toilet).

Here's comes the kicker...the reason I am writing this blog...

Arik gets up and calls into work and then tells me that I can go to bed. He said he'd sit up with Aiden. How awesome is that? I was already working myself up thinking about what I was going to do because I couldn't call in on the 3rd day of school! Especially since school has been completely INSANE these last few days (more to come)!

I just wanted to give my hunny props for taking on the role as custodial parent last night. I was feeling like he didn't understand what I was going through with it being the beginning of school and all, but he took one for the team and I am gratful...

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