Jury Duty

Friday, August 13th was the 1st day of school. And let me tell you, the weeks leading up to the first day and every day there after have been EXHAUSTING! I didn't do any tutoring the last week of July/1st week of August so that I could relax for the end of my summer. What happened? JURY DUTY...

Went in Monday and hung around until 1100. I was picked for a trial that was starting the NEXT day. Well, I went back and sat around til 1100 again. Called into courtroom to find out that the trial was a case that involved 5 counts of indecent liberties with a minor (or some legal gargon). The parties ended up settling out of court... There would have been NO chance in Hades that I would have been picked for that trial. As you all know, I'm kinda controversial when it comes to situations like that. I would have been a good juror for the prosecution, but the defendant would have voted me off the island so fast, my head woulda spun! :-)

Here's my beef... I am a freakin' teacher! I spend 186 days of each year working to get children to make more right choices. I consider teaching young minds to be my civil duty. I get paid next to nothing to work 40+ hours a week and it's tiring... Why do I have to give the government my valuable time to sit around and get paid pennies?

I know it's the right thing to do, but the government always has the knack for summoning you  at the wrong time?

The week I had jury duty, my sister-in-law and her family were coming into town, there was a district workshop thing that I could have attended and earned more than $20 for two days, the school building was open for teachers to work in their rooms and we had a wedding in Iowa at the end of the week...

I will step off my soap box for the moment...

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