The Darndest Things About Kindergarten

Since school has started, I have found myself using such phrases as:

"Please get your hands out of your pants. That's unsanitary."  

"Please stop picking in your nose."  

"Eating your boogers isn't the best choice."  

"Can you stop licking yourself?"  

"Do you know your name?"  

"Are you listening to me?"  

And there are times when I have no other words to describe what the children are doing and can only say, "REALLY????"

It is quite an adventure when it comes to kindergarteners. Especially when there are 40-something in 1 classroom for 7 hours a day! I'd forgotten exactly what to expect. It's like going through labor. At some point in time, the memory of labor gets a little fuzzy and in the back of your mind you start to say, "Aww, it wasn't that bad. I can do it again." BUT, once those legs are in the birthing position, it all comes rushing back to you and you feel the need to shout, "What the hell was I thinking? Imma need that epidural, STAT!"

In my classroom, there are currently 46 students enrolled. Each day, 41-43 students show up to class. This has caused me to go through a WIDE range of emotions: anxiety, giddiness, fear, anger, frustration, joy, peace, love, tenderness, understanding, guilt and many more. Each day, things get a little better, though.

Would I change it? I don't think so. My reasoning for teaching kindergarten isn't because I love the children; that is a very cliche' line. I teach kindergarten because most people who look at a 4-6 year old see incompetence and helplessness. I see something entirely different:

Look through my eyes
See what I see
There is a bright, young child looking at me
Ready to soak up and breathe in
That intelligence floating around in the air.

Look through my eyes
See what I see
There is a genius waiting to 1 up me.
Turning learned helplessness in the words of "I can't",
Into tenacity and an "I will" attitude.

Look through my eyes
See what I see
They may be cute and small
But they pack a punch with that brain capacity!

Look through my eyes
See what I see
An opportuntiy to inspire, enhance and motivate
Each and every kindergartener through my door is nothing short of GREAT!

I teach kindergarten because I want each child to see that they are quite capable to problem solve and get things done. I want them to look at each challenge as an opportunity to sharpen the skills they were born with. I want them to go from thinking "I can't" to thinking, "I can't wait!"


deeps said...

but few years down the line these will be sweet memories to cerish...

Erica said...

Ok, that is just crazy...40+ kindergarteners and one teacher!!! Are they looking for another teacher??? I am in awe of you! You amaze me!


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