My Birthday Weekend

Thursday- I went shopping with my mom and sister for a cute birthday outfit to where to work. We trekked all the way out to the Avenue on 119th and I-35. It was a good time. We had a little mother/daughter/sister bonding time. My mom purchased some of my birthday wear as a gift for me. She usually gets me a Christmas outfit, but birthday outfit will work, too!

Friday- I got to work, feeling like a ROCKSTAR! I had a really good attitude. To start, my kiddos all wished me a happy birthday as they were walking into the classroom! A couple even brought me gifts! From Abigail, I got the cutest pair of silver earrings (I wore them on Saturday) and from Myles I received a decent smelling candle. Both are things that I will use! Yay!

My class behaved themselves all morning long! They did what I asked when I asked them to and were VERY on task! We took care of our morning work and reading block without a hitch and at 1100, we took a pause for a doughnut break. They sang me happy birthday and congratulated me on being old... naw, not really, but they did sing to me.

My hubby brought me lunch at school, and one of my colleagues brought me chocolate covered strawberries and Chili Cheese Fritos (yum)! The weather was FAN-FREAKIN-TASIC on Friday and we were able to have recess outside!

Friday evening, Arik and I went to dinner without the children (thanks to the Rowlands). It was just nice to be Arik and Kesha for a bit, not dad and mommy. Oh, I was able to get another charm for my bracelet. It's a cupcake because it was my birthday!

Saturday- I had plans with Noel. We always make a day of our birtydays. We have a couple things planned, but we also wing it a little. On the agenda was makeovers at Bare Escentuals on the Plaza, lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, and to make another bag at 1154 LILL Studio. We also added getting a tattoo (her, not me; a tongue ring is all you get out of me) and window shopping. We just hung out and talked about everything...

Sunday- I got together with my mom, dad and brother and went to Famous Dave's for some BBQ. It was a nice family dinner. Then, we came home, put the chil'rens to bed and watched Couples' Retreat. Cute movie.

All in all, I had a great weekend. I enjoyed the weather, all the postings I got on facebook wishing me a happy birthday and just being content with being 31. Thanks to everyone who was a part of my celebration. I love being loved!

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Mrs. H. said...

I thoroughly enjoyed our outing. You two are crazy together. We need to make it a monthly or at least bi-monthly event.

Your birthday sounded like it was a real hit. You know 31 is like the new 21 (so that means I can shave 10-15 years off my age too). You clearly seem to embrace the event and are comfortable with yourself at this age. Kudos!


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