Aiden Matthew, what can I say? How excited I was to find out you were on your way to us! I thought about how you would be each day. I was so used to Andrew and his independent ways. Then, you come along.

What a cuddly, plump bit of joy, you were! For the most part, you had all the same features as your older brother, but they were still so VERY different! The curly hair, a blondish, redish kind of hair. Very fine... Your long lashes didn't show up until days, weeks after you were born, but long lashes, non the less. Your fair skin... The dimples! Wow!

I am so amazed that I could produce 2 really beautiful little boys! Both these boys carry a piece of me, but that piece is interpreted completely different in both your personalities.

You, little boy, are a lover, not a fighter. People fall in love with you the moment they lay eyes on you! You have a mesmerizing personality. Your hugs and kisses are worth their weight in platinum! Your gift is that you help Andrew tap into his conpassionate side and at the same time help me and daddy work on understanding and patience (like your brother).

I love the fact that you talk nonstop and that you really know how to work that lower lip to get what you want! It's amazing how smart you are and how quickly you learn new things (some of that is courtesy of having a big brother). I like that you need me a little more than Andrew did. It's a comforting feeling. Andrew has long since stopped calling me mommy and has moved on the the more sophisticated "mom." When you say my name, "mommy kesha," it sounds like a sweet lullaby coming from your lips. My heart feels like it's going to burst open!

Aiden, you help me refine the qualities that Andrew helps me uncover. I wouldn't be the person I am without the both of you in my life....

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Mrs. H. said...

He is such a joy to have around. I love how loving he is. He melts my heart whenever I am around. I love hearing him call my name. I wear it like a badge of honor.


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