I Bet You Feel Dumb!

You know how business establishments have those fishbowl things where you can put a business card in for a chance to win dinner or something?

Well, Famous Dave's has one. While we were waiting to be seated this evening, I put one of my business cards in the bowl. Mind you, I'm sitting right next to the bowl...

This guy comes from the dining room and stands at the bowl. He's looking for a card to put in. BUT, before he drops his card into the bowl, he reaches in and takes out a fistful of business cards! He said something about "that's how you do that."

I'm just sitting there watching what he is doing and once he took the fistful I said, "I hope you didn't just take MY card out of there..." He turns around with this goofy look on his face and askes me which card was mine. I told him and he sifted through the cards in his hand and dropped mine back in... JUST MINE!

He then proceeds to chuckle out the door.

Really? Seriously?! That's what you do? To try to make your odds of winning better, you steal other people's cards out of the bowl? That is pretty low!

That's not the end, though! He comes back in with some piece of paper about maximizing earning potential and asked for one of my cards. His lame excuse for doing what he did was that he was in the business of networking. He helps connect people with other people.

Stop shoveling that crock of $hit, dude! You are a cheapo, loser who didn't even have the right mind to put the cards back after you were busted! Get out of my face with your craptacular reason for being a doofus...

Mr. Business Card Stealer, you have been placed in the HALL OF LAME! Thank you...

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Desiree said...

Award for you, come and get it!



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