Andrew Kahlil, we are so much alike, it is insane! There are days where I can't keep my eyes off you and days where you drive me insane! I'll take both kinds of days, though because it's a blessing having you in my life.

In a way, we've grown up together. You've really done a great job adapting to our life situtations. When I was in college, you hung in there going to daycare for 12 hours M-Th. You were great at slumber parties in mommy's bed because daddy worked the 2nd, sometimes 3rd shift. It's amazing how versatile children can be!

I remember how it was the coolest thing for you to get sick. We would make a pallet on the floor and let the TV watch us while we slept. When you were healthy, what an adventurous child you were! Then there was a time when you rode you Lil' Tikes Trike off the back of the couch! I can still picture you acting out the beginning credits to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in your diaper!

Now that you are growing up, I frequently think about how our little family began. It all started with you, kiddo... Every day you help me learn something new about myself. Patience, acceptance, understanding...

Thank you for being who you are, Andrew. My curly headed, long eyelash having, japanimation loving, wirey, independent, science nerd! I enjoy watching you become a young man.

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Mrs. H. said...

I enjoy playing games with Andrew. He is so competitive. My first grandson, he has had me wrapped around his finger from birth. He reminds me a lot of you, Kesha.


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