You are my greatest strength, but at the same time, my biggest weakness.
Our relationship may seem out of the ordinary to some, but it works for us.
I love that you are my opposite in more ways than I can count.
Our skin together, makes a wonderful caramel latte,
Language Arts is my forte, but your a man of numbers.
You equal outdoors and roughing it, whereas I'm more princess and luxury.

You have provided for me a sense of security that I've longed for. When you look at me, your blue eyes see past appearances and into my heart. I love that you are so kind hearted. Remember living in our 1st apartment in KC? You ran out and bought me a washer and dryer when I told you how someone had broken into the apartment laundry room? You've always put my feelings and safety before your own.

In my heart I always hold the Love Story of Us. I appreciate that we have a quirky story to tell everyone. We were into Internet dating before it was popular. From that love story, a lifetime of memories. Giddiness when you semt me my first bouquet of roses and signed the card "for my future wife," a sense of forever when you gave me the "promise ring" for Christmas, tears when Andrew was born, support when I was getting my teaching degree, my strength when I was pregnant with Aiden, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to make things work...

It's because of you that I can feel so comfortable with who I am. We have built a life together that intertwines celebrations and challenges. I realize there is nowhere else I'd rather be and no one else I'd rather speak love to than you. Thanks for being a continuous defining moment in my existence....


Desiree said...

So beautiful!!

Nickie said...

so sweet!

Mrs. H. said...

You know how I feel about my Son, Arik. I wrote it all on FB. Luv him lots!


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