Where's Your Penis?

Reason 1,456,299 for not letting your 2 year old son be in the same area as you when you are nakie for any reason. Here's the scoop...

Aiden burst into the bedroom, crying and holding a paper airplane.

A- It's broken, Mommy! Fix it!
K- I'll fix it when I finished getting dressed. Give Mommy a minute.

Aiden cries lower and continues to shove the paper plane in my direction.

K- Okay. Go stand over there and wait. I'll fix it. (I point to the other side of the bed. Aiden can barely see over the mattress)

Aiden climbs up onto the bed and waits; watching as I get dressed.

A- Mommy? Where's your penis? On your back?
K- What, sweetie?
A- Your penis on your back? Mine's is right here (he points to his tushie).
K- No, punky, your penis is in the front...
A- Right here? (He squishes his baby nads)
K- Mmm-Hmm. That's right.
A- Is that your penis? (He points to my chest area)
K- (deep sigh) No, hunny, these are Mommy's breasts...
A- Mommy's bests?

I quickly finish getting dressed and usher Aiden out of the room. The boob talk made him completely forget about the broken airplane. I will say, my "bests" are two of the best things about me! I just don't want to hear my son (either son) talking about them...

Why is it that I get caught up in the awkward conversations with the kids? Did I want to start labeling boy and girl parts this early on? Noooooooooo! I just wanted Aiden to focus on his boy parts.

I'm okay with him knowing that he has a penis and a scrotum, blah, blah,blah. I DO NOT want him to be the little boy in "Kindergarten Cop" that said, "Boys have penis' and girls have vaginas!" Not yet anyway...


Mrs. H. said...

Too funny. He is definitely paying attention. Just beware!

Amanda said...

Oh no, is that what I have to look forward to?! ;)


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