Seriously Wounded Bambi's Mom - I Think She Probably Died

Thursday evening, Arik surprised me by offering to go to Target with me and the children to get Valentine's day cards and treats. That really should have been a sign that it wasn't meant for us to go as a family (please be advised that carnage will insue in the following paragraphs)...

We are driving down State Avenue talking about what I needed to get and how our workday was. The kiddos were watching a Go, Diego, Go video in the back. Everything was alright.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something move. It was a deer! I start repeating to Arik, "Deer. Deer, honey, there's a deer. Deer!" It was too late. Arik didn't see and by the time he started to slam on the brakes, we hit the doe.

We just kind of sat there for a minute or so and I watched the deer wriggle and squirm on the pavement. The headlights shining in it's eyes. I could see the fear and confusion looking back at me. Then, the deer was up and running into the corn field.

Arik quickly finds a spot where he can pull over and inspect the front of Sadie. He said he smelled radiator fluid. The next thing I know, Arik is jumping in the car and rushing home. He said he was worried about the leak and we needed to get home ASAP. He told me to "call Dave." I'm totally clueless and say, "who?" Arik looks at me weird and says, "our insurance agent..."

Excuse me! Like I have regular conversations with our insurance agent and we just hang out every weekend. His name is in my everyday friend vocabulary, right!

I call and report all the information. They get a rental set up for me to have first thing in the morning.

Anyway, we are all okay. Aiden and Andrew really didn't know what was going on. Aiden was in the back seat asking, "what happened, Mommy? What happened?" I'm just sad that Sadie is out of commission for a little bit. We'll get and estimate of the damages sometime on Monday. I hope it won't take too long for the repairs. The rental we have doesn't even compare to our MV. It's a clown car - a Chevy Cobalt! 

Here are some pictures of Sadie after the blood bath...

Sorry, Bambi. We hit your mom and she is probably didn't make it and ended up on someone's dinner table...

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Mrs. H. said...

So glady all of you were okay. Hopefully Sadie will back in commission soon. I know how much you love your MV-Sadie.


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