New Handbag

I've had my new 1154 LILL Studio handbag for about a week and it's ALREADY been through a lot!

At first, I liked it, then as I kept looking at it, I wasn't sure that I really liked it. Then  had a 2 liter of grape soda spew forth like a volcano all over (an inside) my handbag! I was truely peeved. I can't just throw it into the wash and I hadn't treated with the scotch guard yet. It did survive, though, and you can't even see the grape soda!

I have come to decide that I DO like my bag. It's quirky and different, just like me! I would advise anyone to go through the experience of building a LILL bag.

So, I would like to present to you - my Nikki!

The intentions with building this bag were that I needed something that I could wear with black or brown shoes, it had to have some blue in it (my fav color) and something other than flowers. My last bag was great - huge pink/black flowers, perfect size and everything. I wanted something other than flowers and pinkness this time around.

I think I did a good job. Stripes, multi-colored, and the tweed is just a hint of sassiness! Perfect size and everything. It's too bad that I didn't realize I liked my bag so much until the grape soda was all on it! Ah, well...

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Mrs. H. said...

I admit I wasn't very fond of it. That tweed you speak of just didn't fit. It looked out of place.

However, the pictures actually help it. Either that or I've had time to get used to it. I will say it is the perfect size for an everyday handbag.

Glad you finally like it. 'Cuz we know what would have happened to it if you hadn't come around.....


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