I Had An Affair...

Yesterday, I went to a new hairstylist. I know... (said with a Lil' Kim accent) "Imma whora!"

For the past two weekends, I have been trying to get a retouch and style. My current stylist, Carefree Diva, of the Booshie Beauties Salon, has been stringing me along.

2 weeks ago, I called Carefree Diva and asked if I could get an appointment on Friday after work. She said sure and we made plans to meet around 530-600. Well, CD called and said that she was in a meeting that was running long and she would call me when she was done. That turned into it being 800 and me texting her and rescheduling for Saturday morning so she didn't feel like she had to rush the bride to be and their meeting.

Saturday rolls around and there was no call from Carefree Diva. I text her and ask what's up. She calls back to say she had some errands to run and she'd call when she got to the shop. That turned into 900 PM! Apparently, she took to much pain medication (coming off a surgery) and it knocked her out! If I wanted to come down, I could. Of course I didn't want to! I was not in the mood. Just coming off a rough week at work and too tired to try and get my hair done late at night! Plans were made for Sunday...

Nothing happened on Sunday except for me washing my hair because I don't have time during the week for hair appointments...

Fast forward to THIS weekend. I call and ask if this was a better weekend for her to get me in and she said sure. Told me to come on Friday and she would have a cosmo waiting for me (we're friends and I talk to her about my rough weeks).

Carefree Diva called about an hour before our appointment to let me know that something came up and for me to call her as soon as I get the message. I do and does she answer? NO! I leave a message for her to call me AND I text her to let me know what time works best for her to relax my hair. Do you know I am STILL waiting for her to get back with me!!?

I decided to take matters into my own hands. Got in touch with Willing to Please Salon owner, Money-Makin Mama. She was able to fit me in the same day and I was out in 3 1/2 hours! Sure the price was a little higher, but I got what I wanted and it didn't take ALL Saturday...

Am I sad that I had to find someone else to do my hair? Yes! I really like Carefree Diva. She has been doing my hair for 12-14 years! I am getting to the point where when I am paying you for your services, you need to bend over backward a little bit more to make me happy - friends or not!

2 tears in a bucket.... you can finish that!

I am very happy with the straightness of my hair and the service that I received from Money-Makin' Mama! It's good to know that I can count on her when Carefree Diva flakes out on me... Here's some pix. Notice the shine and silkiness! OH! The straightness! I could put some before pix up here, but I don't want to embarrass myself.

Please disregard the dark circles and uneven skintone. I told you it has been a rough couple months!

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Mrs. H. said...

C-H-E-A-T-E-R !!! LOL Look like you got "good" hair in those pics. Silky straight. Nicely done. Don't feel bad. Every girl needs a backup plan for times just like the one you just had. It's all good. Wonder how long it will take her to call you back?!?!?


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