The Whipped Cream On Top Of My Mud Pie

It was Wednesday - Parent/Teacher Conferences. I was trying to confirm with Translator that services were available. Principal has to put nosey ears into the mix and jump down Translator's and my back. Principal spouted off about how we didn't communicate that I needed a translator. EXCUSE ME! Since when did Principal need to be involved in trivial things like this? Translator and I are both capable adults and can plan our schedules accordingly.

Principal keeps mouthing off about having to pay Translator OT because my conference is after 4:00, how there were some other things that were lined up for Translator to do, blah, blah, blah!

After this tantrum, Principal comes back to me and apologizes because after looking at Translator's schedule, it appears Translator's working hours are from 8:30-4:30. No need to pay OT for my conference at 4:15.

Fast forward to 4:05. My family comes a little early. I don't even bother trying to contact Principal or Translator. I was just done with all the hassle and mess. The family and I had a great conference, things worked out swimmingly... :-)

4:15? Translator rushes in and says the family was walking down the hall. I apologized and said that I didn't mean to cause any trouble. I told Translator that I didn't want to prolong the madness and not to worry about missing the conference.

5 minutes later, in walks Principal; flustered and puffed up like a cockatoo (sp). Hey, I think I'll call Principal - Ms. Cockatoo from here on out. That's a good name for her!

Anyway... She starts blubbering about how I didn't call the office to request Translator's services. And while I was trying to explain that I just didn't want all the fuss that came with asking for a translator, she ushers Translator out the door citing that we needed to have a private discussion.

Cockatoo:  Mikesha, I have been noticing that you haven't been yourself lately. Something's different about you. What's wrong? I don't really care... (that last line, Ms. Cockatoo did say! I was just blown away...)

Me: I'm fine. I just trying to think of ways to revamp my classroom so that my children can have phenomenal gains for the spring testing. (As I am talking, so is Ms. Cockatoo). I'm just trying to take it easy and not stress over how much 2nd grade has to accomplish before the year ends. There were some large set backs before winter break with my emotionally, behaviorially disturbed student. A lot of time was lost because of lack of support... (Cockatoo is still not listening to me speak). Besides that, having a prolonged headache, family responsibilities (we have family counseling sessions every 2-3 weeks), etc.

Ms. Cockatoo: I just think that you are becoming independent and not sharing as much as you could be. You are becoming a loner...

Me: Not really. If I have a problem, I ask the other teachers on my hall for ideas. They do a great job of brainstorming for me. I'm just focused on teaching my children.

Ms, Cockatoo: If there was a problem, would you let me know? I mean, really?

Me: Yes, if there was something that I just couldn't get off my mind, I would request a conference with you.

The rest of the conversation was about how we are so much alike (which we are NOT), my becoming isolated, making sure that I would tell her if something was wrong... This conversation was all because I was just trying to do the things she has been asking of me lately.

I am just peeved that Ms. Cockatoo makes a huge deal out of little things and that it appears I am the focus of her insanity these days.

My plan of action - to stay as far away from Cockatoo as much as possible. I'm not in the office, not in the halls, not ANYWHERE Cockatoo is at.

Hopefully, this next week will be a lot smoother. I am in survival mode for the rest of the year. I just don't want to be involved in all the craziness... I'll keep you posted.

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Mrs. H. said...

I guess the grass just "appeared" to be much greener on the other side, huh? She sounds like someone who would give me a headache everyday. Hang in there. Just complete your mission with as few casualties as possible (run-ins with Ms C.). Remember, the kiddies need you!


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