Report Card Time

Yesterday, Andrew brought home his 1st quarter report card.

I don't know if you follow my ramblings, but last year was a VERY rough time for the Bradner household. Andrew was having a hard time adjusting to 4th grade and THINGS were just hard!

BUT, I am pleased to announce that Andrew's 1st qtr marks are smile worthy. They aren't what we are accustomed to hime bringing home (circa K-3rd), but it really is a step in the right direction!

Instead of dealing in letter grades, the KCK district doles out number grades. It's a 4 point scale. A 4 means that a student is showing what they know consistantly and is always taking things a step farther. A 3 means showing knowledge consistantly; performing at grade level. A 2 means a student shows mastery of knowledge, but not every time - it's sort of hit and miss; their almost there. A 1 means your child isn't getting enough of the basic concepts for his/her grade level; below grade level standards.

Andrew produced quite a few 3s and a couple 2s and 4s! I'll take it! He has really been working harder this year and his efforts are showing.

We are very proud of Andrew and his efforts. We'll keep taking it day by day and here's hoping for a great 5th grade year!

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