Aiden Turned 2!

On the 19th, Aiden was awakened by the happy birthday tune being sung by me and Andrew. We sang it all morning long and Aiden just giggled and giggled each time. He even joined in and made our little duo, a trio! It was too cute...

At school, Aiden was treated like a prince. He had a special hat and a mommy that took the day off and provided tasty treats for his classmates - cupcakes, juice, and goldfish. I snapped a couple shots of Aiden and his teachers. His birthday was the last day in the Rose Room at his school.

After school, he got to pick out a toy from NFM, have Panda Express and enjoyed a handmade, FUNfetti birthday cake with sprinkley icing. After he blew out the #2 candle, instead of reaching in and filling a fist full of rainbow goodness, he turned to me and said, "I wanna lick it." And so, I let him lick his cake. Not once, or twice, but 3 times and he was overjoyed.

The next day, he became a member of the Blue Room! While picking him up from school on Tuesday, my mommy-sense picked up on something. I later tried to explain what I experienced to Noel (BFF) and now to you. I fear that the appropriate words don't exist in our meager language to paint you an exact picture, but here goes...

Aiden greeted me at the entrance of the Blue Room as usual: a dimpled grin on his face, the sparkle in his "mood-ringish" eyes as he shouted, "Mommy!" and ran to me, embraced my knees and kissed my right thigh. *smile*

He let me put on his coat and as soon as I zipped it up, he was off like lightening towards the front doors. Suddenly, he stopped and turned around. He ran back to me and said - VERY clearly, "Come on, Mommy. Hurry up." He then turned around and trotted off toward the front doors again.

In that moment, my mommy-sense took a snapshot of Aiden characteristically (I know it's probably not a word, but, ehh..) growing up. Because of this milestone, turning two, he suddenly seemed to be standing a little taller, his hair a little curlier, the personality deep within his eyes setting permanently. In an older post, I talked about the difference between great and greatness and in that moment on that Tuesday, I saw Aiden's greatness take shape. He is coming into who he is and watching him use his qualities to please himself and the people that make him happy is awesome!

He ran with more confidence, laughed with more grandure... His innocence flowing over me like a brisk, autumn breeze. Yes, my mommy-sense picked up on the fact that we were transitioning from baby to big boy. I adore what I saw...

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