Arik received a certificate in the mail from his job congratulating him on being a part of the company (in all it's forms) for 10 whole years!

It always amazing me how Arik can be so steadfast in his work. There are many days where Arik will make mention of his dislike for his job, but for 10 years he has gone faithfully and provided for our family.

It stuff like this that really redeems Mr. Bradner in those times of doghouse-osity! I appreciate everything he does, but I just wish he would talk a little more. I know actions speak louder than words, but I get tired of talking to myself 80% of this relationship!

Anyway, congratulations, Arik, for receiving your tenure! Do-do-dah-doooo (just think of the little bug mariachi band that plays for Dora the Explorer every time she completes a section on the map)!

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