Plenty of Things to Say About 2nd Grade

Folks~ These past 50 days have been a struggle for me. I have plenty of things to say about 2nd grade, too bad none of them are appropriate to post here!

This year is really just feeling like a job for me. It's a combination of the 26 children, the curriculum, the grade level partners, the list could go on...

Everyday, I go to work and my day consists of a series of long drawn out sighs, deep breaths, constant eye-rolling when the children can't see my expression, venting to the 3rd grade teacher, stuffing my pie hole full of chocolatey goodness, feeling like I am ALWAYS 6 steps behind for the week...

I think - no, I KNOW that I when I say this, it's 85% accurate and that ring of truth is getting louder and louder... I HATE 2ND GRADE! There is just too much going on and NO meshing taking place. My heart weighs heavy each and every day I walk through the school building doors.

I cannot wait until the end of the school year. I hope to goodness the kindergarten position I transfered to this school for 2 years ago really does present itself to me. I will so take it. I'll even do 1st grade again. If 2nd grade is the only option for me next year at the school I'm at, I will have to request a transfer...

2nd grade is the pits, people... *tear*

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