Pay It Forward

I ran to K-Mart tonight to get a couple things to get us through the week on groceries. Well, as I was pulling out of the parking lot, this crotchity, old woman started walking towards Sadie MV. I don't know her, it's dark, she looks like skin and bones. What do I do? I roll down the window when she asks me too.

Her story:

I'm need some help. It's not an emergency, emergency, but I need some help. Me and my 6-year-old grandbaby are out here and we don't have enough gas to get home. We live on 95th and blah-ba-de-blah (she really didn't say that, I just wasn't listening anymore) and we ran out of gas. I tried asking those two ladies over there, but they didn't understand me. You look like a nice person. Please, if you have $3 so we could get home. Actually, $5 would be enough to make sure we got home. Please. I'm not a druggie or anything like that. I just want to get my grandbaby home.

So, what did I do? I reached into my purse, pocket and coin holder and produced $5 for her and her grandbaby. My thought process was, "who am I to judge? Could she be a drug addict; yeah. Could she be an alchy; yeah. But, what if she really does have her grandchild out here at 9:30 and is out of gas?"

We all know I am a crazy fool. Rolling down my car window for peeps in the night (Mr. Flithy McNasty, remember him?). But, I am a sucker for the olden days. When kids could stay out and play until the street lights came on and not have to worry about someone snatching them up. The days of the Cosby kids and for real Saturday morning cartoons. Saved by the Bell...

I gave Ms. Crotchity $5 to do what she felt she needed it for. I'm praying she uses it for something she really needs. It just felt good for me to pay it forward... Making the world a better place, one dollar at a time.


wellie78 said...

You want me to slap her for you , baby? Your time is too precious for her to be wasting it so rudely. I'll get her for you, so help me!

Erica Simmons said...

Thank you for sharing your blog with me! I can't stop reading it!! You are a great writer! Your family is adorable.

Erica Simmons said...

Thank you for sharing your blog with me. I can't stop reading it!! You are an amazing writer! I love your pictures too. You have an adorbale family.


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