Time Is Money

Today, I planned my day down to the minute. I had summer school from 830-1230 and I stayed an extra 30 minutes so I could make some calls to the students that I am monitoring during the program.

I went home and did some housework (dishes, laundry, 10 minute tidy, etc.), with 330 in my head. 330 was when I needed to get Aiden so we could have our 400 meeting with our P.A.T. Representative - Loree.

From 400-500, Loree discussed with us how important music is in a child's life. It was a good session. When she left, I had a time to get $$ from the bank and get Andrew from Kidzone. Well, there was a slow poke at the ATM and I had to wait for the light to turn green at one of the street's I take to get to Andrew's school. (there was a car in front of me NOT turning RT). I was late getting Andrew (510). I made him walk home from school instead of driving him all of 5 minutes...

Here's the meat of this story. I called my tutee's parent at 515 and informed her that I was going to be 5 minutes late (appt. was for 530). Do you know what she said to me? I'll tell you what she said...

Parent: I called the office and told them to cancel.

Me: Oh, you did?

Parent: Yeah.

Me: Okay. Well, that's okay. They didn't call me and let me know you'd cancelled. That's okay. You should probably call me directly next time if you have to cancel. Do you have a pen and paper handy to write down my number? It's my cell. That way, if you need to cancel, you can call me directly.

Parent: I have the piece of paper you gave me with your number on it.

A moment of silence.

Me: Okay. Well, next time, you can just call me directly and let me know you need to cancel.

Parent: Okay (kids screaming in the background)

We hang up

This is how I continued the conversation after she hung up -

Me: Okay, as many times as you have done a NO SHOW (3), you should know my number by heart, you doofus! Why are you wasting my time? Do you want help for your kiddo or not? I should just tell my contract holder to drop your a$$ because you are wasting my time. WTF??! Can you be anymore considerate? JUST PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL ME, DANG IT!

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Steffon Hamilton said...

What does "wtf" mean?


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