The Topeka Zoo Trip (1 of 3)

Okay, it's been a minute since my last post. I am free and clear of the PMS issues, it's just pure craziness now, folks!

This weekend was a whirlwind! We had the Topeka Zoo on Friday, a BBQ on Saturday,and a Royals game on Monday! I would have been busy Sunday also, if Noel hadn't cancelled on me (thanks, Noel; really thank you!)

So, this is post 1 of 3. I will discuss the BBQ and Royals game in another post.

We invited Noel and Caleb to the zoo with us. I figured since I didn't know a lot of parents from daycare well, it would be nice to have someone I knew very well there with me. I'm glad I did! We ended up going off and doing our own thing. We took in the zoo at our leisure. Total time was about 2.5 hours. It's a tiny zoo. Just right for Aiden.

For most of the day, Aiden had his pacifier. The night before, he was up until 10 pm. Arik has softball on Thursdays and likes for us to go. We hang out in the parking lot after they lose their 2 games. Trust, generally, they lose all their games!

Here are a few pix from the day:

Aiden all excited waiting to ride the train.

Here's Aiden petting the sheep. It really freaked me out. All I could see was disease!!!!! But, with a little soap, water, and hand sanitizer, I felt much better!

Here's Aiden swinging his legs on a bench just his size. He really likes to swing his chubby, little legs! I just adore those ham hocks...

Caleb and Aiden just chillaxin' on a lion. Aiden's expression says it all. His mouth is WIDE open. I think this was right before he wanted "down."

Aiden was SUPER excited about seeing Nemo and Doree (spelling)! We had been watching Finding Nemo in Sadie MV for the past 6 weeks. He knew of those two fish very well. He kept saying, "Nemo, Nemo." His excitement was overflowing...

We had a really good time with Noel and Caleb. Aiden did very well the whole time. I was amazed since he was up so late the night before. We had barely gotten on the highway back to KC when I heard him snoring... It was a delightful day; well worth the extra effort it took to get sub plans ready (that's another story).

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Mrs. H. said...

I love that first picture. His grin is so infectious. Just makes you want to laugh with him. Wow, Mom, I'm proud of you for letting go and allowing him to pet the sheep!


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