The BBQ (2 of 3)

Close your eyes and picture a comfortable Saturday evening. We are with friends; hanging in their front yard, waiting for the BBQ to be done.

To the right of the house, there's a blast from the past.... a SLIP-N-SLIDE! Andrew quickly changes into his swim trunks and starts having a watery good time. Mind you, I don't know how good of a time he could have with his underwear still on, but under his trunks were his boxer briefs. His response to me asking one time why are his underwear still on? "Mom, it just feels weird when I don't wear my underwear. Can't I just keep them on?" It has been this way since I can remember. He doesn't like his junk to swing... What can I say?

I digress...

Andrew is playing in just his trunks. Aiden looks over at the fun and what does he immediately do? Starts walking that way and trying to take his shirt, shoes, and shorts off all at the same time.

Picture Aiden shirtless; all his chunky parts jiggling about. His curls just bouncing in the wind. Him taking a running start and flinging himself onto the S-N-S and feeling the water rush his blue-eyed, chubby-cheeked face...

Well, that didn't happen! It was a cute image though, huh? Aiden barely got in the water. He would walk up to the slide and stick his hand out. Then he would take his hand and rub it over his tummy and face.

All this cuteness and I didn't have my camera to take some photos!!!!!

The BBQ was great. We left about 9:20 pm and Aiden was snoring in the back of Sadie MV before we were on the highway good (this is the theme for this past weekend's activities).

Good times...

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Mrs. H. said...

I could actually visualize Aiden scooting around on the S-N-S but then thought, he would probably freak out if the water really rushed his face. I'm so glad he's gotten a little tan. It really looks good on him.


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