Play Ball (3 of 3)

Monday was the Royals game. It was a birthday party of sorts for a little boy we know, Peyton. We had a really good time. The weather wasn't bad; just cloudy. I'll take cloudy over rainy any day of the week when it comes to baseball games and a toddler...

We munched on hot dogs, peanuts and cheesy pretzels. No souvenirs outside of the pix because they were danged expensive. $50 for a toddler's jersey? The Royals aren't very good at the moment, why are the prizes sky high? I'm just saying... Here are some pix from the celebration.

Arik took this picture. I thought it was very dreamy...

Here's Andrew and Aiden, having a bro moment. Awww! *tear*

Aiden was totally digging the carousel. We had to wait in line about 3-4 rotations. He got pissed every time it would start and he wasn't on it! Then, he was mad when he had to get off...

While Aiden was riding the carousel, Drew was "batter up."

AAAA, batter, batter, bratter (not a typo). Swing, batter, batter, batter!"

This is Drew in the outfield after running the bases. I think he vomited a little. NASTY! He had just hoovered a cupcake and some juice.

Look at that crazy hair blowing in the wind! It's a fro period for the hair. We're getting it cut shortly.

I just thought this was a sweet moment. Aiden was plum tuckered out from all the activity.

Mommy, Aiden and Slugger sharing a moment. If you look closely, Aiden is really eyeballing Slugger. Andrew didn't want to be in the picture. He was in a mood...

Here are 2 of my boys. We were on our way to the car; heading home. Again, Drew is absent because he was sulking and walking ahead of us. He didn't want to be in the picture.

All in all, we had a great time at the ballpark. The stadium looked really nice. The kid's area was cool. I hadn't been to a Royals game since I was on the safety patrol in the 5th grade. The safety patrol coordinator took us as a treat for being model, kick a$$ students. Memories....*ahhh*

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Mrs. H. said...

That pic with Slugger is too cute. Aiden has that look like, "get off of me, Dude"! He is definitely eyeballin' Slugger.


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