HECKLERS! (post 2.5 of 3)

Okay, so my mom and brother came over to hang out on Sunday. We had just broke out the Wii and was playing some bubble, bustin' action (it's a game that I thought would be easy enough for Aiden).

Well, Steffon is a game master! He just picked up the Wii wand and instantaneously knew how to play the game!

Well, we got done with the bubble game and moved on to Playground Games. We started with dodge ball. I really sucked at it. So, we kept playing and playing. After awhile, we moved on to tether ball. I sucked at it, too.

Here's the point of this post. My mother, eldest son, AND husband are all hecklers!!!!! They just picked on me until I couldn't take it anymore. I shut the game off and told them that no one was going to play!

Yeah, I know I'm a sore loser, but they are even worse than me because they are horrible hecklers!

Let me tell you, the side comments and the making fun of my little noises (grunts and whatnot because they help me get into the game better). All three of them (Sharon, Andrew and Arik) are just a bunch of heckly, old hecklers!

You may post your comment, Mom! It doesn't make a difference, though. You're still a heckler in my book. I am going to heckle on your grave when the time comes! You said it yourself, "Your mother has a memory like an elephant."



Mrs. H. said...

LOFLMAO.....what no pics? Why do you keep putting my name first? You insisted on sticking with the same game until Arik started making comments, very funny comments. I merely laughed until I cried and kept urging you to try a different game. BTW, I don't see you mention my apology in your ranting. Get over it, Daughter. I think you called it sulking in your previous post when referring to Andrew.

Steffon Hamilton said...

Well, when we played "Bust A Move" you did win some. Even though you thought I won.

3 Guys and a Girl said...

I'm practicing, is all I'm going to say...

Mrs. H. said...

...as you should be. That display of poor sportsmanship will make it so no one will want to play with you, Missy. (LOL)

3 Guys and a Girl said...

It's okay if no one plays with me... It's my way or the highway!


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